TSZ Blau-Gold Casino

the venue for workshops on Saturday and Sunday, and the party on Sunday evening

address: Alsfelder Straße 45a, 64289 Darmstadt

Unlike the name might suggest, this dance club has nothing to do with actual casinos. While Blau-Gold has been around for over 60 years, the building we’ll be using is less than a decade old. Since the hall is close to 700 square meters in size, it will be divided into four separate rooms to accommodate the different workshops – which means everybody gets to be at the same location! On Sunday evening, we’ll adjust the venue to suit the number of dancers on the floor.

Noteworthy details:

  • The studio has locker rooms in case you want to get changed at the venue
  • Blau-Gold has an amazing hardwood floor. Please bring suitable footwear as not to damage it
  • There’s not a great deal of restaurants around here, so you can either book lunch or take the two hour break to head to the city center.
  • If you’re coming by car, there’s a huge parking lot in front of the Bürgerpark

Public transport:

  • via Darmstadt Hauptbahnhof (Central Station): hop on Tram 5 heading towards „Darmstadt-Kranichstein Bahnhof“. It should take you around 14 minutes to reach the tram stop „Eissporthalle“, which is right in front of the venue
  • via Darmstadt Nordbahnhof: take Tram 6 or Tram 7 towards „Darmstadt-Eberstadt Frankenstein“. Get off at the next stop, „Rhönring“, and change to Tram 5 towards „Darmstadt-Kranichstein Bahnhof“. 3 minutes later you’ll be at the tram stop „Eissporthalle“, right outside the venue

Ernst-Ludwig Saal

the venue for the taster on Friday, and the Friday and Saturday parties

address: Schwanenstr. 42, Darmstadt-Eberstadt

Often called Schwanensaal (or Swan Hall) due to its location on Swan Street, the Ernst-Ludwig Hall is a cozy community hall in the heart of Darmstadt-Eberstadt. With room for over 150 dancers on the main dance floor, and a gallery overlooking both stage and hall, it struck us as the perfect location for dancing well into the night. While it may seem like a long way from Darmstadt, it is actually really easy to get to.

Noteworthy details:

  • parking here is very limited, which is why we do not recommend coming by car

Public transport:

  • via Darmstadt Hauptbahnhof: take any means of transport that gets you to „Rhein-Neckar-Straße“ (for example, Bus H towards „Darmstadt Alfred-Messel-Weg“ or Tram 5 towards „Darmstadt-Kranichstein Bahnhof“). Change to Tram 6 towards „Alsbach-Hähnlein-Alsbach Am Hinkelstein“ or Tram 7 towards „Darmstadt-Eberstadt Frankenstein“. From here on out it’s a straight 10-15 minute ride to „Darmstadt-Eberstadt Wartehalle“, which is a 5 minute walk from the venue. Important! There’s two stops at „Rhein-Neckar-Straße“; one that you will get off at, and one to the right, where Trams 6&7 stop.
  • via Darmstadt Nordbahnhof: take Tram 6 towards „Alsbach-Hähnlein-Alsbach Am Hinkelstein“ or Tram 7 towards „Darmstadt-Eberstadt Frankenstein“. Enjoy your 20-25 minute ride to „Darmstadt-Eberstadt Wartehalle“, then walk the remaining 5 minutes to the venue


Fräulein Zuckertopf will be stationed at TSZ Blau-Gold Casino on Saturday and Sunday

Kathrin & Tina have combined café and camper-van to form an absolutely charming (and mobile!) diner. They serve amazing coffee, cakes and pies, and even full on warm meals. The best part? It’s all made from regional ingredients, with of plenty vegan options to boot. And you’ll get your food and drinks served in environmentally friendly containers.

You can find the dynamic duo at the workshop venue on Saturday and Sunday. You can also sign up for a lunch package from Fräulein Zuckertopf, which will be handed out during break, in between workshop blocks.