NOC Jazzband

the NOC Jazzband with the Original Hurricane Brass Band on Bourbon Street, New Orleans

Back by popular demand!

We are delighted to present to you the one and only New Orleans Connection Jazzband. They’re a spectacular group of musicians who have been touring the world for over 25 years, spreading that traditional swinging jazz sound all across the globe. Several members have been declared honorary citizens of New Orleans as far back as 1992. If that’s not a good enough reason to hear them play, then we don’t know what else is.

When we first reached out to them last year for our swing exchange, we were positively surprised by how enthusiastic they were about playing for us. Despite it being their first swing dance concert, they definitely won us over. And just about all other dancers we spoke to that evening, too!

Look out for Saturday night – that’s when the NOC Jazzband will be swinging at the SHF’19.

mga Big Band

the mga Big Band in concert at the one year anniversary GCR party in Darmstadt

How do you tie a bowtie from scratch? Can you really skip dinner if you eat enough ice cream? And what happens when you try to cram 23 musicians onto a tiny stage?

For answer to these questions, and many more interesting ones, too, look no further than the mga Big Band. Founded in 2015, they represent a young local group of jazz, funk and blues enthusiasts. With a healthy number of saxes, bones and horns, and a full rhythm section to boot, all those big band classics come back to life the moment their concerts start.

End of last year, the big band premiered a concert specifically tailored for dancers. We even had the pleasure of getting a second edition of that very evening two months later, and boy, did we have a blast that night.

Which is why we are really excited to have them round out the SHF’19. Come dance to them at the farewell party on Sunday!

Jam in the Blues

three Jam in the Blues members jamming with guest musicians at the Goldene Krone in Darmstadt

Disclaimer: you’re going to read the word „jam“ a lot. Like, a lot, a lot. You’ve been warned.

Jam in the Blues sparked into existence at a local jam session, when one musician/swing dancer dragged a swing dancer/musician there to play their favorite tunes together. Following a safety-in-numbers approach, they gradually found more and more jammers with a passion for swing music, until at last the band was born.

In keeping with the spirit of their inception, JitB is a semi-open band; they have their own head arrangements, but are not shy when it comes to playing impromptu with others. In fact, the jammers would love to play a couple of songs as a full on jam session on Friday evening at the warm-up party.

Update: we’ve got another treat for you. Jam in the Blues will be giving an hour long musicality taster, aiming to draw parallels between playing the music and dancing the music. Now that’s our jam!