You’ll be able to book each day separately, with four hours of workshops per day:

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check-in will begin at:
18:30, right before the taster on Friday
10:00, before the workshops on Saturday
19:30, right before the party on Saturday
10:00, before the workshops on Sunday
If you’re doing Advanced Lindy Hop, please factor in that your audition will begin at 10:30 each morning (if you’re taking two days of advanced workshops, you only have to attend on Saturday).

For anyone interested, there will be guided yoga sessions at the workshop venue with Betina and Franziska; Saturday and Sunday from 10:00-10:55, and also on Sunday from 17:00-18:00. Please try to bring your own mats or towels, as we only have a limited supply of them.

The schedule may still be subject to some minor changes. Please check back just before the festival to make sure you’ve seen the final iteration.